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Adobelite vs. the Competition 3 Piece Design - No Safety Arch 5 Piece Design - Patented Safety Arch 5 Piece Design
Adobelite invented the Prefabricated Kiva Fireplace System. While our competitors manufacture a copy of our product from 15+ years ago, we continue to innovate and continually improve our products; as well as offer the highest quality products and support to our customers. Our newest processes and designs are patented, perfected, and result in the most technologically advanced and safest kiva fireplace avalable. We take great pride in manufacturing our high quality products that are sure to warm your mood on cold winter nights!
Our fireplaces are fully UL tested and listed for use nationally. Our products undergo constant quality control checks, and factory inspections to ensure we are manufacturing our products to the highest standards and compliance with our UL listing. Our competitors offer products which may have been UL tested, but they do not carry a current UL listing. There is no guarantee that the product you are purchasing is the same product that was tested. Both the International Mechanical Code and the International Residential Code currently prohibit the use of any factory built fireplace which does not carry an affixed UL label and a valid UL listing. If you are unsure you are buying a UL listed product, contact the testing agency that tested the fireplace and verify the product compliance!  
Adobelite offers the only Kiva Fireplace with a masonry front arch that forms the fireplace opening. Other systems require a high temperature mortar to be filled in and formed on site. This critical area receives a large amount of heat when the fireplace is being used, so it is very important that the mortar be installed correctly. Many times this area is filled in with plaster or stucco, which is not capable of handeling high temperatures, and will crack and fall out after a short amount of time creating a serious fire hazard. Our kivas also exclusively feature an all concave firebrick interior and refractory. Competitors kiva’s upper smoke chambers are constructed with flat surfaces, whereas Adobelite is completely circular throughout the smoke chamber, which not only looks better, but draws better.  
3 Piece Design
Hi-Temp mortar must be filled in on site to form kiva arch.
Patented Masonry Safety Arch. No on-site forming necessary.
3 Piece design offered by our competitors.
Durable K26 Interior Firebrick
Our fireboxes are constructed with durable K26 insulating firebrick. K26 firebrick are 86% stronger and 47% denser than K23 bricks found in other kiva fireplace kits. It is unavoidable when burning wood that logs will scrape and hit the back of the firebox, so having strong durable brick that will last you years should be a requirement.  
5 Piece design offered only by Adobelite
3 Firebox Sizes  new! Adobelite offers fireboxes in sizes of 18”, 24”, and 30” - so you’ll be able to match the perfect size fireplace to your space. Our 18” and 30” sizes are exclusive to Adobelite.  Our 24” firebox is now available in a Mayan arch (instead of the traditional round Kiva arch), if you prefer a more contemporary version of the southwest! Patented Round Gas Burner System
Traditionally, wood fires have always been constructed in a kiva fireplace in a teepee layout, with the logs arranged in a circular base and stacked vertically. This arrangement maximizes the logs that  can fit into a circular fireplace, therefore maximizing the size of the fire. Shouldn’t a ceramic gas log set in a kiva fireplace mirror this arrangement, so it looks realistic? Our competitors use straight pipe burners and horizontal logsets designed for rectangular fireplaces and retrofit it into their fireplaces - resulting in a small, unnatural looking gas fire. We truly have thought of every detail, and with our team of engineers, we designed a gas log system from the ground up, for a Kiva Fireplace - not for a rectangular fireplace. Adobelite’s patented round kiva gas burner system is the only system available that features a round gas burner and ceramic logs that are designed to be stacked vertically, for an authentic kiva fire look.
Our burner systems also feature an electronic ignition safety valve control, which is operated by a wall switch (or optional remote control) and shuts off completely when you are not using it (including the pilot light). Safety pilot valve systems found in most other systems rely on a pilot light to continually be burning and wasting gas, in order for the fireplace to operate.      
Straight Burner - Other Systems Patented Round Burner - Adobelite External Gas Controls
On our competitors kiva fireplaces, the gas controls are placed inside the firebox, next to or behind the logset. Not only is this an eyesore, but requires reaching into the fireplace to operate the fireplace. Also, due to the high heat in the firebox, the gas control valve can overheat or malfunction. Adobelite’s Gas Burning Kiva models feature an exclusive external control manifold, which places the gas valve and controls safely outside of the firebox, and hidden from view. This external manifold also supplies the firebox with cool, outside combustion air, so the valve will operate cool, safe, and reliable for years.      
External Gas Manifold - Door Open External Gas Manifold - Door Closed
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The Original! UL Tested and Listed Patented Masonry Safety Arch