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Each Adobelite Kiva fireplace kit consists of 3 primary components:
1) Kiva Firebox     
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2) Fireplace Frame     
A tubular steel and diamond-mesh frame forms the exterior fascade of the kiva fireplace. This frame attaches to the firebox and walls and ceiling with included screws, and is then plastered or stuccoed after installation.
3) Chimney Pipe     
A lightweight metal chimney is used to vent the kiva fireplace. For wood burning an air-cooled chimney is used, and a 6” B-Vent chimney is used for ceramic log / gas only systems.
The kiva firebox is constructed of a pre-cast lightweight concrete and real hand laid firebrick. The 4 to 5 firebox components assemble on site with the included mortar and hardware. Opening sizes of 18”, 24”, and 30” are available (which is roughly the height and width of the firebox opening).
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