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Frequently Asked Questions
Many times the hearth extension (dimension “C”) as seen in the layout plans can be omitted from the fireplace or customized for a smaller footprint. Wood burning fireplaces require an 18” non combustible extension directly in front of the fireplace opening. However, we can custom fabricate the hearth extension to 18” directly in front of the fireplace and tapered down where it meets the walls, to not be in the way of a window or door for instance.
Yes! In addition to being able to add nichos, bancos, and wood storage bins to any of our fireplaces, we also are able to fabricate custom frames to fit our fireboxes. Contact your dealer or Adobelite for more information.
Yes. A log lighter can be added to our fireplaces in order to make it easier to start a wood fire. Also our  gas log burning fireplaces can be installed with air-cooled chimney pipe, so the gas system components may be removed in the future and the fireplace converted to wood burning.
Yes. Our Kiva Fireplace Kits are lightweight and require no special footings or supports. The only thing required extra is a 3’ x 3’ masonry board be placed on the floor under the firebox. Refer to the product installation manuals for more information.
We ship our fireplaces using common carrier freight. A typical Kiva Fireplace Kit will arrive in two crates. The firebox will be packaged in one crate, approximetly 48”x52”x36” and weigh 400-650 lbs. The heaviest piece of the firebox will weigh about 100 lbs. The frame, chimney flue pipe, and accessories will be packaged in the second crate, approximetly 72”x48”x52” and weighting 300-600 lbs. The shipper will contact you before delivery to schedule a delivery time, and the crates will dropped off curbside using a liftgate.
The fireplace kit does not include the concrete blocks (C.M.U.’s) that form the pedestal for the firebox to sit on, or the plaster to finish the fireplace. Refer to the product installation manuals for more information.
No we do not. However, vent free and electric log set inserts may be used with our fireplaces provided they are U.L. tested and listed and adhere to local building regulations.
What if I have a window or doorway in the way, can you make the fireplace smaller? Do you offer custom designs? Can I burn both wood and gas in your fireplaces? Can the fireplace be installed over a wood floor? How does the fireplace arrive? What will I need to provide that does not come with the fireplace kit? Do you have a vent free or electric fireplace kit?